Have a Wonderful and Safe Holiday Season!

Thank you for your patronage of Rick and Ann’s in 2018! We hope to see you even more often in 2019. Our breakfast, brunch and lunch menus will continue to evolve and also serve your favorites. We’ve tried several types of pop-up dinners in 2018 and have listened to your excellent feedback. We’ll be offering many new types of pop-up dinners with Ann and other guest chefs creating delicious food for you. Please fill out the feedback form here on the website to let us know if you’d like to join our many guests on the pop-up dinner e-mail list. We also had many exciting family and business parties after hours. Please see management about renting out our restaurant for your event. Ann’s Catering can provide food and drinks for your event. Please keep an eye on the home page of our site for information about upcoming events. Happy, Happy Holidays!!

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