Order New Year’s Eve Entrée and Side Dishes

This menu is for pickup on Thursday, December 31st
between 12:30 – 4 p.m.
Call to pre-order at 510-649-0869.
Don’t wait to order as we will sell out!

We are going to try and make extra.
Those items will be available in the Market in the front of the restaurant.

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Sweet and Spicy Candied Pecans
$16 pintL

Traditional Deviled Eggs
$14 for 10 halves

DIY Crostini
Crostini, brie cheese, apple cranberry chutney, crispy sage
10 for $15

Phyllo Pastry Triangles
 with butternut squash, kale & Asiago
6 for $13

Stuffed Mushroom Caps
with spinach, gruyere, feta & pine nuts
$15 for 8 caps

Genuine Onion Dip (eaten cold)
with roasted potato wedges
$25 quart

Shrimp Cocktail
with cocktail sauce
$20 for 12

Beef Swedish Meatballs in Sauce
$20 for 12

Salads & Veggies

2021 Salad
Butter lettuce, mixed greens, radicchio, frisée, Marcona almonds
and dried cherries with a honey mustard vinaigrette

Collard Greens with Prosciutto
$25 quart

Cardamom Honey Baby Carrots
$25 quart

For the Feast

Mini Cream Biscuits
$10 dozen

Mini Sweet Potato Biscuits
$10 dozen

Black Eyed Peas
$18 quart

Macaroni and Cheese
$16 quart

Rack of Ribs
with barbeque sauce

Whole Barbeque Chicken


9” baked Pecan Pie

Bourbon Whipped Cream
$8 quart

Reheatable Individual Cold Entrée

Your choice of:
Barbeque Pork Ribs
a Half Barbeque Chicken
Served with black-eyed peas, collard greens, baby carrots and corn bread.
$27 per person

Please Note:

All items are oven-ready and will require reheating.
Baking instructions will be provided for each item.

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