Super Bowl Menu – Sunday, February 7th

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Available for pickup between 1 pm & 6 pm


Guacamole with house made tortilla chips
$18 pint

Traditional Deviled Eggs
$14 (8 halves)

Fried Chicken Finger Biscuits
$14 (for 6)

Steak Finger Biscuits
With horseradish aioli and arugula
$14 (for 6)

Crispy Chicken Won Ton Purses
With pineapple ginger dipping sauce
$15 (for 12)

Crispy Portobello Mushrooms
With roasted red pepper & garlic aioli
$15 (for 10)

Oven Ready – Crab & Artichoke Dip
Served with crostini
$30 quart

Chicken & Potato Flautas
Served with salsa and sour cream
$18 (for 10)

Roasted Wings
Your choice of buffalo wings or barbeque chicken wings. 
Served with ranch dip.
$20 (for 12)

Rack of Ribs


All Pizzas are Half-Baked and Gluten Free.
You won’t notice the difference!

12″ Pizza: $30

Pepperoni & Mushroom
Marinara sauce, pepperoni, mushroom, mozzarella and parmesan
12″ Pizza: $22

Sausage, pepperoni, bell pepper, mushroom & olives
12″ Pizza: $24

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